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Who We Are

Our Hope

Empower, encourage and equip sober living homes with resources to improve community relationships and increase visibility of this very important role in addiction recovery.

Our Dream

 To increase awareness, educate our community and promote sober living to help remove the stigma associated with those in recovery.

Florida Non-Profit

NE FL Sober Living Alliance is a Florida non-profit organization comprised of sober living homes throughout NE Florida.  Members work to meet National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) standards.  The Alliance houses over 330 men and women in recovery.


Alliance Members

Alco House

Alumni House

Awakenings House

City Houses

Home Away From Home

(904) 329-0959


New Life Jax Recovery Services

Associate Members

DEMP Project

Her Song

Jax Sober Living

Oxford House

Gateway Community Services

Veteran Affairs

Volunteers of America


Community Partners

Community Rehabilitation Center

Gateway Community Services

Jacksonville Fire & Rescue

Operation New Hope

River Region Human Services




Alliance Members Resources




According to the Addiction Science & Clinical Practice Journal, North America is currently in the midst of an opioid crisis that claimed nearly 70,000 lives in the US in 2018 alone.  Substance abuse disorders often erode social functioning, education/vocational skills, and positive community and family ties.  Thus, recovery involves rehabilitation-relearning or reestablishing healthy functioning, skills, and values as well as regaining physical and emotional health.  Therapeutic communities such as sober homes are the best environment to foster this critical phase of healing.

Continuing education for OUR members

December 2019


JFRD provides NARCAN training and provides NARCAN to our Sober Living Homes.  Special thanks to Laura Ray for her time and dedication.

February 2020


CRC provides HIV & Hep C provides free HIV and HepC testing, information and offers free services to anyone who may test positive to any sober home interested in providing these services to residents.

March 2020

Dr. Pomm, Gateway Community Services

Providing updates regarding the opioid epidemic and it's effects on the community along with details on Project Save Lives.


Damen D.

I have profound feelings of gratitude and love for the sober house I lived in they created an environment of security, acceptance, understanding and compassion.  Today I am happy and content and in large part is due to my personal experience at the sober living home and the staff that encouraged and empathized with me while also holding me accountable.

Jeff D.

Being a part of this Alliance not only brings those with similar backgrounds together to share ideas, best practices and education, but it  also allows us to stand together to show that what we do is making a difference In the community, in our own lives, and most importantly in the lives of others.

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NE FL Sober Living Alliance

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